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COVID-19 cause & solution in Astrology

COVID-19 is the most dangerous pandemic face by human being in 21st century, every day we are worried about ourself and for our family and friends, and anxiously watching the television for the latest news updates on Covid-19, and many negative thoughts is roaming around our mind. Do I infect by this deathly Virus?  If I have the infection, do I recover? Do I suffocate like others and leads to death? So, to give you a clear picture to resolve all your query related to this disease let us examine the reason for this disease: 1st we have to know the most affected human organ by this virus. Lung is the common affected organ by this virus, and the resultant is suffocation (Lack of Oxygen supply in body) and this leads to death. Let’s first examine which are the planets are responsible for this disease. The cause of this disease is the Virus, which will be spreading excessively, so the main responsible planet or you may call the source of this wide spread virus is Rahu, actually Rahu is not a planet, it’s a mathematical point or you may call it’s a shadow planet. The next we have to identify the effect of this virus in human body. As we know the Lung is mostly affected by this virus, so the next responsible planet is Mercury the karaka of Lung and Nervous system of our body. Next, we have to identify the reason of suffocation or lack of Oxygen supply, its Jupiter. Rahu is the Karaka of all electronic gadgets and Mercury and Jupiter are the Karaka of plant or greenery, Pippala tree is the indicator of Jupiter. Our 21st century is hugely dominated by Rahu as we are all surrounded by electronic gadgets and avoid plantation or destroy the greenery for our will and wish. By this way of living style, we are enhancing the power of Rahu and reduce the power of Mercury and Jupiter. Now check your horoscope and identify the position of these planets in your horoscope. Let’s us check few astrological combinations in your horoscope to identify if there is any indication for COVID positive or not.

  • If the Mercury is afflicted by any malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Keu (in conjunction or aspect 45-degree, 90-degree or 180-degree) then immediately take corrective action. 
  • If Mercury is your lagna lord (For the case of Gemini and Virgo ascendant) and its conjunct with Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu then take precaution.
  • If Mercury is in 6th, 8th and 12th house and conjunct or aspect with malefic planets.
  • If Mercury is conjunct with Rahu, which cause lung infection.
  • Rahu is conjunct with Jupiter (Rahu is higher degree and Jupiter is laser degree), it will spread the infection rapidly.
  • Rahu is conjunct with Mars, which is reduce our immunity power.
  • Moon conjunct with Rahu which create illusion or imaginary fear, which leads to anxiety and depression.
  • Moon conjunct with Saturn which leads to indignation problem and create weakness in our body.
  • Mars placed in 6th ,8th, and 12th house from Lagna and aspect by Rahu which reduce our immunity system and leads to infection.

If the above combination is present in your horoscope, then take immediate corrective action to avoid infection.

Let’s discussed what are the solution to avoid the viral infection and enhance our immunity system in astrologically.

As we are unable to reduce the influence the Rahu in to our day-to-day life by less use of electronic gadgets (Like mobile phone, Bluetooth, Laptop, Tablet PC, etc), but we can enhance the power of Mercury and Jupiter by plantation and gardening every day. Plant a Pippala Tree in your house, enhance the greenery in your house/Flat by indoor plantation. 

  • If possible, involve in reading / writing in your daily routine which will enhance the power of Mercury. 
  • Write your full name 5 times in a day with green ink every day.
  • Do physical exercise every day to enhance the positive power of Mars which enhance your immunity system.
  • To avoid the malefic effect of Mars and Saturn, just avoid the spicy food (Avoid red chilli) and cold items (Ice Cream).
  • Consume green vegetables and Red Musur dal to enhance the positive energy of Mercury and Mars, specially on respective day as per day lord (Tues day for Mars and Wednesday for Mercury). 
  • Consume Chana dal /Keshar / turmeric to enhance the power of Jupiter on Thursday.
  • The tips are given is applicable for all, but if you want to know more about individual horoscope and its impact, you can get the details horoscope from our website or you can chat with our certified astrologer.

Do I have my Dream Home

Dream home: Do I have my dream home? The common question roaming around the mind of every human being. Many of them are blessed with ancestor’s property but having own house is a self-actualization, achievement and pride for everyone. There are many combinations in horoscope which indicate the possibilities of having your own house. If you have these combinations in your horoscope you will definitely having your own house.

4th house in our horoscope indicates the home or mother and many other things related to our home and assets, so lord of 4th house is the indicator of our house property. If 4th lord is in 4th house or if 4th lord aspect 4th house then you have your own house in the dasha or antar dasha of 4th lord.

                      Let’s understand the owner of the house, or house lord.

Aries and Scorpio: Mars

Taurus & Libra: Venus

Gemini & Virgo: Mercury

Cancer: Moon

Leo: Sun

Sagittarius & Pisces: Jupiter

Capricorn & Aquarius: Saturn

        If 4th lord is in exalted or in Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) sthan the you will have your own house at its Dasha or Antar Dasha. Let’s see the exaltation house of planets.


Exalted Sign
















     Venus is the indicator of luxury and prosperity, if venus is strong (Exulted or Vorgottam) then you will be owner of a house or property. If 4th house lord is in lagna or lagna lord is in 4th house then you will be the owner of house. If 4th house occupied by Moon or Venus or aspect by Moon or Venus then you also become the owner of house property. If 4th lord is in 9th house then you will also have good property.

      Jupiter is the karaka of space, prosperity, wealth and happiness. Jupiter’s aspect (3rd, 7th and 9th aspect) is known as holy aspect. So, if 4th house lord is conjunct with Jupiter or aspect by Jupiter or Jupiter is in Kendra sthan (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th position) then you will also have your own house.

      Mars is the karaka of land and building, so if 4th house lord is conjunct with Mars or aspect (4th ,7th, and 8th aspect) by Mars in Trikone (1st, 5th and 9th) sthan then you will have your own house. If Mars is in 10th house in Chaturthamsha (D4) chart then you will be owner of luxurious bunglow.

      4th lord is in 10th house and 10th lord is in 4th house, so by these Parivartan Raj Yoga Native will earn from his profession & build property.

      Sun is the indicator of pride, honour, status, (Sun is Known as King in planetary cabinet), so if Sun places in 4th house (Own house or exalted) then you will have king like property. For Capricorn Lagna if Sun placed in 4th house (Aries) (Mars the indicator of land and building is the owner of Aries sign) then Native will be the owner of king like property.

      So, if you have any of the above combination in your Horoscope, then make sure that you will definitely have your own house at the Dasha or Antar Dasha of the planet. So, to get the accurate time of your own house or property purchase please visit our web site www.astrogenie.in and consult our certified Astrologer.

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