Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 13 June
You may face numbers of problems in this week, though your relations at home with your life partner will remain hormonal. Your social reputation will be boosted and you will get name and fame. Your progeny may be of yours concern. Your opponent and rivals may try to overpower you. You have to be careful about your court cases. Journeys made during in this week may prove dangerous. You may suffer with migraine. You will be worried about saving for your future.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 20 June
You may get busy in curing any old disease in the beginning of this week. You ay introduce new technique at your work place and get benefited from it in the coming future. This week is favorable for you. You may earn money more than your expectations and from more than one source. You may buy a new vehicle. Your pending projects/work will get momentum by your hard work and with the co-operation of your colleagues. Your career related plans will get momentum. Your children will remain your obedient. Students will get success in examinations and competitions.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 27 June
You may get some new opportunities in your profession which may enhance your increments in this week. Your held up projects will get momentum towards completion. Your health will be very good in this week. There are number of good news for you in his week. This week your moral will be at the high and you will get every success in what so ever you do is assured. Heavy expenses will ruin your budget.