Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 13 June
You may develop some new contacts in your own country and also in abroad. You may listen some good news from your relatives. You may attend a social function or party. You will get a new contact but cannot complete the job within the stipulated time. Do not start any new project in this week. Your enemies are more active then you. Financial position will be as usual but you may get some money from an unexpected source or from abroad. Beware from your hidden enemies as they may fabricate a conspiracy against you. Do not rely on anyone.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 20 June
You may find some new ways of earning money in this week. You may be worried a little to meet the household expenses. You will face criticism and problems may on the high. All yours ongoing projects will be withheld. Some sort of false allegations may be leveled against you. Your own trusted people will become your enemies and your health may deteriorate due to metal tensions. You may suffer a loss. You may feel tired mentally. At the last you may have a major success and the week end will be going gainful.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 27 June
You may get mental peace as your old held up projects will start in this week. You will get success in every Endeavour you initiate and get name and fame will boost. Your moral will always at the high. Your all problems will be sorted out with the help of your friends. Do not rely on anyone during this phase, as your own people may turn your hidden enemies. Routine works will be accomplished on day to day basis.