Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 13 June
You may face some sort of business related problems in this week and due to that you may be confused in the beginning of this week. Beware from your close ones as they may hatch a conspiracy to trap you in legal cases. You may think that the fortune is in your favor but in reality there is totally adverse will happen with you. Your economic position will deteriorate as well as your health needs concern. You may involve in some sorts of clashes resulting in your running projects will be ruined and a major setback in business or demotion in service is also possible. You may involve in some secret activities and the money inflow will improve. Some false allegations may be leveled upon you, so beware. You may have to get rid of your lethargic attitude.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 20 June
You may get financially benefited through the investment made in the past. There are chances to progress in business or you may be promoted to a higher rank. You may face some problem related to your business. Try to keep away yourself from any unfair dealings, and do not rely on any one in this week. In the last days of this week the trend may change in your favor. Yours life partner will extends their full co-operation to you to come out fro the tension related to your children. Some o the naives may get fame through media. You may go on long journeys with your family.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 27 June
You may go to some distant place to attend some function of your near relative and enjoy your life fully during that period. Family atmosphere will be hormonal. You will honor your family sentiments which will give benefit to you later. You will get full co-operation from your life partner in all fields during this week. You routine works will going to hamper in the last days of the week, as the situation is going beyond your control. Planning is very much necessary to accomplish your long pending projects. If possible then postpone your important tasks. Take care of your health. You may receive some sort of good news through mail. If you are going to involve in any sort of legal cases, think it twice.