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Zodiac Sign : Mars
Lucky Number : 6,8,9
Auspicious Day : Tuesday and Sunday
Lucky Stone : Blue Sapphaire
From-To : Mar 21 - Apr 19

This year bring you the success in professional field, you can achieve more than expected in professional filed. Karmic control planet Saturn placed in 10th house along with debilitated Jupiter bring some opportunity to excel in professional field. You will get financial assistance from your in-laws also. Be aware from hidden enemies in work place. Need to take some decision related to property. Be cool to take any decision related to child and child education. More focused on Professional field leads to unhappiness in family front, so try to balance the same and control over your anger. Hard work and discipline approach give you new direction this year. For more specific and accurate prediction based on your horoscope advice to chat with our certified astrologer at www.astrogenie.in.