Vaastu Tips


 Vaastu-Shastra is an ancient Indian knowledge of architecture, which was found in traditional Hindu and Buddhist text. The Sanskrit word Vaastu means “to live or stay or reside with” means a house with a corresponding plot or land. In Indian tradition the house was treated as a living things and God or Vaastu Devta or Vaastu Purush is living in the house. Today’s architecture is mainly influence by ancient Vaastu Kala, or Vaastu Shastra which was derived from the applied aspect of Atharvaveda, an ancient science and heritage of Indian holy book. These ancient Vaastu Shastra was used for Hindu Temple design, but do not limit themselves to design a Hindu temple design only. They describe the temple as a holistic part of its community and layout various principles and diversity of alternate design for home, city, garden and water bodies and landscape design.    

      We can consider the Earth surface as a horizontal plane, we get the four main direction, North, South, East and West and the four Sub-Directions are North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West. We have called these Sub directions as Ishan, Agni, Naireth, and Vayu. In each direction there is a principle God, who is rule the direction. As per the nature of God and its authority the things and the rooms are decided.

East Direction: - East Direction belongs to the lord of Indra, the king of God. Sun rises from the east and this direction is given the 1st position.  Principal God of East direction is Indra and Sun. This direction gives the prosperity and wealth. Dinning room, Study room, Children room is the best for this direction.

South Direction: - Lord Yama is the principle God of this direction. South direction is prohibited for all holy and auspicious ceremonies & functions. This direction can be use as Master Bedroom, Storeroom, dining room.

West Direction: - West direction belongs to lord Varuna the lord of rain and water. This direction is good for wash basin, toilet, child study room.

North Direction: - Principle God of this direction is Kuber, who is the lord of wealth and prosperity. So, treasury room or study room is the best for this direction.

North-East Direction: - It’s called Ishan or God’s own place. Vaastu Purush head is placed in this direction. Toilet and kitchen should not place in this direction, best for pooja room, Dhyan ghar Verandha, Wells or underground tanks give auspicious result.

South-East Direction: - South-East is the best location for Kitchen, as the lord of the direction is Agni so if foods are cooked in this direction then it’s good for health and prosperity. You can place your Micro oven, Induction cooker, Halogen Oven, computer and other electrical gadgets to this direction also. Never place your bedroom in South-East direction as it creates the tension in relationship of occupants. Couple may file divorce or separation if bedroom is place in this direction.

South-West Direction: - The Nairuti (Putna Demoness) is the ruler of this direction. This direction is prohibited for any holy or auspicious ceremonies or functions. This direction should be filled with heavy unmovable goods, storeroom and master bedroom is suitable for this direction.

North-West Direction: - The lord of this direction is Vayu Devta (God of wind), air is necessary for all living beings. This direction is best for guest room, garage, animal or pet, toilet. Money or ornaments should not keep in this direction. Tall structure or tall tree should not plant in this direction.

Few important things to identify the perfect Vaastu construction of your house: -

  • Main entrance door should be bigger than all the other internal door of the house.
  • Main entrance gate allows to any direction except the south-west direction.
  • Three doors falling in one line is not good for the house.
  • No of doors and windows should be even no in house.
  • All doors should be open inside, so that the energy may remain inside the house.
  • Never sit with your back facing the main door of the house, this may cause betrayal in life, misfortune, loss of opportunity.
  • North-East is the best direction for pooja room.
  • Having toilet / fireplace /kitchen in North-East direction leads to health issue of elderly person of the house and ruin financial prosperity. It also creates tension and quarrelsome atmosphere in house. Using Pre-energized pyramids, sea salt, blue bulb, Yellow color or yellow towel can minimize the ill effects.
  • Above pooja room, there should neither be a toilet nor a kitchen.
  • Deity should never face South direction.
  • Worship can face any direction except South.
  • Kitchen should not be in front of or next to the toilet.
  • Cooking facing north or south is prohibited.
  • Toilet doors should not face kitchen or dining hall.
  • Bed, dining table or sofa should not be placed below any beam or attic to avoid depression, headache, tension, & loss of memory.
  • Photos of ancestors should be placed in the South, West or South – West corner of the house.
  • Moving water attract positive energy and wealth, placing a small decorated water fountain or aquarium in your north direction will give financial prosperity.