Role of Venus in wealth creation:


Venus is the planet for huge opulent wealth, and its most powerful placement for wealth is in its sign of rulership or exalted, Taurus, Libra and Pisces. Venus is the only planet that prospers well in the 12th house, and Venus in the 12th bring wealth and money.

(Planet Venus, significator of Luxury)
The stronger by sign and degree the better the wealth. Venus is stronger in Pisces then Taurus & Libra. For Aries ascendent if Venus is places in Spices (12th house), it brings great wealth to native. Venus is the indicator of Luxury, romance, Sociable nature, sweet tongue, good placement of Venus makes native a good teste of dress, self -presentation, keen interest in arts and music. Placement of Venus in money houses (2,5,9 and 11) bring opulent wealth to native. Conjunction of Malefic planet Ketu along with Venus, indicate a huge wealth to native. Ketu and Venus conjunction in Spices (Venus exulted in Spices) indicate an opulent wealth to native.

Venus is the Karaka of luxurious item like Car, so quality of Car you will purchase will be indicated by its placement in Zodiac sign. Venusplacement in Taurus, Libra or Spices and aspect by Jupiter then it indicates Sedan or SUV car, whereas aspect by Saturn indicate to purchase used car by native.

Placement of Venus in 11th house of Zodiac sign bring fortune and success (may be promotion for salaried people) to native if purchase a Car,whereas the placement of Venus in 8th house bring obstacle and conflict in conjugal life if native purchase a car.