Role of Rahu & Ketu in wealth Creation


Rahu and Ketu are the two mathematical point or you may call it’s a shadow planet, in our Zodiac sign, by nature both are malefic, but placement of Rahu and Ketu in specific house of our horoscope or as conjunction with wealth creating planet like Jupiter and Venus, indicate a great wealth to native.

(Rahu & Ketu –Mathematical point or shadow planet in Zodiac sign)

Rahu is a source of never-ending desire, aggression, passion, madness, high ambition, can go any extreme to achieve success, illusion, craziness to achieve any materialistic goal. Placement of Rahu in wealth creating house 2nd and 11th indicate huge wealth for native.

(North Indian Horoscope, 2nd house Dhan Sthan, 11th house -- fulfilment of desire, profit, gain)

Aspect of Rahu or Ketu with Jupiter (Trine aspect 120 degree) indicate a huge wealth as Jupiter is a Karaka of wealth.

(Wealth significator planet Jupiter)

Rahu and Jupiter both are indicate expansion, so it indicates a huge wealth for native.

(Planet Venus – significator of Luxuary)

Ketu with Venus also indicate huge wealth to native. Placement of Jupiter and Venus is also indicating the magnitude of wealth. Jupiter is exulted in Cancer and its own house is Sagittarius and Pisces. Venus own house is Aries and libra but its exulted in Pisces. So, placement of Ketu along with Venus in Pisces create a great wealth to native.

(Jupiter in Spices and Rahu is in Cancer, Trine aspect 120 degree)

If Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Spices or in Cancer and having Trine aspect (120 Degree) with Rahu,

(Jupiter is in Cancer and Rahu is in Scorpio, trine aspect 120 degree)

(Jupiter is in Spices and Rahu is in Cancer, or Jupiter is in Cancer and Rahu is in Scorpio) then it creates a mutually Trine aspect of 120 degree, which indicate a huge wealth to native.