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Why you Opt for Astrogenie

Astrogenie.in is one of the leading online service providers in India, our young, dynamic, Versatile Astrologers are always ready to serve your astrological need. You will get various types of astrological solutions in one roof like, Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, colour therapy, and many more. You can access online horoscope matching, horoscope matching by name & date of birth, free career horoscope, marriage horoscope online, pregnancy prediction horoscope free. Match making is our tradition before marriage. We Astrogenie team give you the opportunity to check the Match making online and get the accurate decision accordingly. Find the list of popular horoscope prediction you can find in our site …

Popular Horoscope Predictions We Offer

  • Free personalized horoscope prediction: You can get your Personalized horoscope prediction in our online platform, our certified astrologers are always ready to attend your query based on your personalized horoscope, which will help you out to take appropriate decision for your future course of action.
  • Free personalised horoscope based on date of birth: In Vedic and KP Astrological prediction, you need to mention your accurate Date of Birth, time and place to get the accurate prediction. You can access our free personalized horoscope based on date of birth and also consult our certified astrologer to understand the various Yoga’s and Dasha in your life.
  • Free career horoscope by date of birth and time: Identify the appropriate career is one of the prime mottos of our adolescent time, so you can get your career horoscope by your date of birth and time and choose the appropriate career path to get success in your future endeavour.
  • Free career horoscope: Career choice is one of the vital decisions in our life, if you are in right track you will get success with very less efforts. So, career horoscope must be check to get success in life. Our certified astrologers will guide you to choose right career path according to your career horoscope.
  • Education horoscope by date of birth free: Education horoscope is very important tool to shape your future. As per the proverbs “Present perfect, future bright” you have to choose proper education field to get success in life. Education horoscope can give you a glimpse of your inherit and natural affinity towards a particular field of study, which will help you to get success in life.
  • Free marriage horoscope: Marriage are made in heaven, this is our old proverbs, so if we are unable to identify the dictum of almighty then we will suffer in whole life. So, identification of your life partner is very vital decision in your life. Our marriage horoscope will help you out to get the appropriate decision to choose your life partner. Our certified astrologer will help you out to take right decision.
  • Pregnancy prediction horoscope free: Our file will be fulfilled to be a complete Man or Woman by our Progeny. So, our pregnancy prediction horoscope will help you out to get the things done.
  • Free yoga analysis in horoscope and much more: If you have Raj Yoga or Vipreet Raj Yoga in your horoscope this can suddenly change your life in a positive or reverse way. So, if you can Identify the opportunity you can take the appropriate action at right time and which may leads to huge success in a particular filed of work.